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The "Everything" Series

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The "Everything" Series

The mission of this series of publications is to make some of the skills and research work of the WLMS available to a wider audience through a series of monographs.  Profits from the sale of these support the development of the WLMS Magazine and its other publications.

Everything About Peter Goddard's Blocksetting Cranes

This, the latest  WLMS publication, is an account of the scale Meccano models built between 1992 and 2003 by Peter Goddard, inspired by the research work of Julian Head, 'as related to Paul Joachim.  As well as the models themselves, this work includes a vast amount of information on the prototype cranes. The printed work is in two parts.  Part one contains all the narrative with drawings and images that can be reproduced by ordinary photocopying, and may be purchased on its own. Part two is produced on a laser colour copier and can be referred to simultaneously whilst reading part one.  It contains many photographs, mostly in colour, to further illustrate the work.  As an economical alternative, a CD version of the entire work is also available. Chapters and Appendices include:-     Introduction   The Steam Table Top Crane   Constructional Tips    Fishguard/Peterhead 1914 Crane   Sunderland & Wear 1885    Gibraltar - Salina Cruz 1897   Port Elizabeth 1922   Port Leixoes (Portugal) Titan 1884   Constantza 1896    Peterhead 1890   Table Bay Hercules 1930   Mammoth for Tyne North Pier 1881   Titan for Warrnabool Breakwater   50t Steam Titan (Cape Town 1925)   Harbour Construction   Harbour Construction Plant    Pendulum Titan (Ransomes and Rapier)    Mar del Plata Titan by Fives-Lille


Part One 'Source book', Part Two (in colour), and CD version (complete)

Everything Epicyclic

Front cover of Everything Epicyclic

Edited by Paul Joachim, this contains articles on many facets of epicyclic gearing by Michael Stevens, Michael Knowles, Nick Rudoe and Dick Hogg. Profuse illustrations and wonderful cartoons by Philip Webb, together with a useful table of prime numbers complete the package. Essential for clockmakers, Orrery builders and any one else who needs to generate very strange gear ratios.

Everything WLMS

Front cover of Everything WLMS

This was produced to mark 50 editions of the club Newsletter and brings together both landmark articles from the Newsletter's past with specially commissioned work for the anniversary.

Edited by Paul Joachim, there are exclusive articles and model building plans by Bert Love, Julian Head, Philip Webb, Michael Knowles, Noel Ta'Bois, Adrian Williams, Peter Goddard and Nick Rudoe. The publication includes a complete ModelPlan, in the style and to the standard of those mentioned above, for a Harley Davidson Electra-Glide by Philip Webb. With full colour covers and many drawings, and of course a full house of Philip Webb's superb Meccano cartoons specially drawn for the occasion, this is a fitting souvenir of the Newsletter and a great introduction to the achievements of a premier Meccano Club.

Everything Automotive

Front cover of Everything Automotive Vol 1

Volume 1: Differentials and Rear Axles
Volume 2: Front Axles and Steering
Volume 3: Gearboxes and Transmissions
(in preparation)

Illustration of differential design

Collected and edited by Philip Webb, this series is already a classic reference work. Drawing on the extensive experience of WLMS members, Philip has produced a veritable encyclopaedia of information, presented in the easy reading style many readers will be familiar with from his popular Model Building Technology feature in International Meccanoman. The difference here is, he has plenty of room to go into real detail with copious drawings and descriptions. Essential for the serious or aspiring vehicle modeller.

Everything (WLMS ever knew about) Roller Bearings

example illustration from Everything Roller Bearings

This manual on Roller Bearings draws together in its 24 pages a number of designs of varying sizes produced and developed by WLMS members over the years. Lavishly illustrated in Isomec™, it begins with the debate in GMM between two late giants - Phil Bradley and Eric Taylor - on an engineer's approach to the design of rotating superstructures. It then moves up in scale from the smallest of Pintle Bearings, through side thrust bearings to a variety of flat bearings, arranged in size for convenient reference. These range from 3 inches to a staggering 19.5 inches across. Some of the work of Julian Head and Peter Goddard on GBSC turntables is also reported.

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