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Meccano Collecting

A straightforward pamphlet for the rookie Meccanoman. It introduces you to the basics of the collecting branch of the hobby.

Meccano Parts Illustrated

Another introductory leaflet to get you started on the basics and a great help with parts recognition and cataloguing. Produced before the French introduced the new parts. For the specialist with a computer this has been superceded by The Encyclopaedia of Meccano Parts by Don Blakeborough and MeccInv by Howard Somerville.

Key to New Cavendish Volume 6. The Meccano System

This is essential if you own HCS Volume 6 as it provides cross references, index and errata to supplement that landmark publication (which should be in every serious Meccanoman's library).

Decimals and Pentagons in Meccano (also available in German)

This is a bit of fun, but comes up with some surprising ideas that you may find useful in geometric models and space frames.

Begin Building (also available in French)

John produced this in response to the rather poor and unimaginative French Meccano Company instructions for the new Set 1 in 1991. The models are simple and rewarding for a youngster to tackle on his own - which is more than can be said for Calais' attempts at the time. Subsequent Company instructions were much better - though the issue of constructability by an unaided 5- or 6-year old remains with us. Now really only of historical interest as the set it was designed for is long gone.

The International Meccanoman and its Supplements (Eiffel Tower and Colour Supplement)

John was the founding editor of the "IM". His work contributed to the establishment of the International Society of Meccanomen (under the inspiration of Michael Adler and Chairmanship of Adrian Williams - also WLMS members), and the publication now probably has the largest circulation of the English language specialist Meccano Papers. John brought a highly individual approach to the design and content of his magazine, and though the "news" may be old, the pages still make entertaining reading. All back numbers are available.

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