Club Trophies


The WLMS awards 4 trophies per year.  All winners receive a signed Certificate of Merit.


Founders Trophy


Presented to the WLMS and originally awarded by the founder, David Nye.  The trophy will, this year, be awarded to the winner of the Meccano Challenge at the November meeting.


Members Cup


Awarded by democratic vote at the March (AGM) meeting.  Any model at the meeting can be entered for the competition.


Bert Love Trophy


Originally judged by the late Bert Love, now by a sub-committee, the trophy is awarded at the June meeting to the model which pushes the boundaries of what can be done in Meccano.  Any model which has appeared at a meeting in the last year is eligible for judging.  The trophy itself, with silver-plated Ring Gear, was made by WLMS member the late Noel TaBois.  The winner each year must provide the club with a photo of himself and his model.  Colin Love, Bert's son, has an album of photographs of past winners, which the WLMS hopes to obtain and bring up to date.


Poulet Trophy


Donated by former Chairman, the late Dr Roger Poulet, the trophy is awarded triennially or ad-hoc to members who have rendered service to the WLMS "Beyond the call of duty".  The first recipient (March 2006) was retiring Secretary PETER GODDARD.