The West London Meccano Society, founded in 1978, is a premier Meccano club with members in the UK and overseas, and is affiliated to the International Society of Meccanomen.


The Meccano hobby is enjoying a renaissance in national and local clubs and the Internet.  We hope those to whom these pages will be a pleasant reminder of youthful exploits with spanner and screwdriver will join us and rediscover lost delights.  Younger Meccano boys and girls with the current range of Meccano sets, wishing to meet kindred spirits, are particularly welcome to join in the fun.  New and second-hand Meccano is always on sale at club events.  Meetings are open to members, prospective members and guests.  Bring a model!


Diary  2018 / 2019

Venue (Greenford)


1st September


29th-30th  September


17th November


 9th March 2019


 8th June 2019



Henley Gathering


Club Exhibition, St Albans


Club meeting, Greenford


Club meeting, Greenford


Club meeting, Greenford


The Community Centre

(Wordsworth Avenue entrance)

170 Oldfield Lane South


Middlesex UB6 9JS


Club meetings: 13:00 - 17:00


Map and Directions


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Secretary (all enquiries) enquiries @


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