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ModelPlan 261


Peter Thurston's


English Smock Windmill


Representing a typical English smock windmill, examples of which still exist in Kent, this 5' 6" high exhibition model has  'Patent' sails with opening, striking rod-operated shutters,  working fantail and rotating cap, all driven by an internal gear train and reversing mechanism, powered by a single PDU motor.


The model can be disassembled in four parts for transport.  


16 pages including text, photographs and parts list.


Ref:  MP261    Price6.90


ModelPlan 260


Alex Barker's


1940's Motor Coach


A finely-detailed model a 1940's motor coach derived from the Midlands Red single-decker bus.


The chassis has a 3-speed and reverse gearbox and a working clutch, with differentials on both rear axles, all driven by a PDU motor, and  working gear selector lever, brake pedals and steering.


Both interior and exterior are packed with interesting details including hinged driver's,  luggage compartment and passenger doors, the last operated by a lever in the driver's cab.


The plan includes text, parts list and over 60 photographs.  40 pages.


Ref:  MP260    Price: 12.90


ModelPlan 259


Claudio Rabbi's


Pillar Drill


  A Set 10 Model 


A 1:1 scale working model of a pillar drill, with all the features of a real drill - height-adjustable  table with removable vice, lever-controlled vertical mandrel movement and speed selection by belt and pulleys.


Requires PDU or similar motor.


12 pages including text, colour photographs and parts list.


Ref:  MP259    Price:  6.90


ModelPlan 258


Midlands Meccano Guild Model Series MMGMS8


Green Goddess

Fire Engine


  A Set 9+ Model 


The Bedford 4x2 Emergency Pump (AKA Green Goddess) built in the 1950's for use by the Auxiliary Fire Service, became a household name in the UK when used by the armed services during the Firemen's Strikes of 1977 and 2002.


With working steering, the model demonstrates the level of realism and prototypical accuracy that can be achieved even within the limits of a pre-1971 Set 9 with the addition of some extra nuts and bolts.


12 pages including text, colour photos. VirtualMec diagrams and parts list.


Ref:  MP258    Price:  6.90


ModelPlan 257


Midlands Meccano Guild Model Series MMGMS8



Dennis F12 Pump Escape Fire Engine


  A Set 9+ Model 


With working steering and wheeled, extending escape ladder, this model of the iconic post-war Dennis F12 fire engine again demonstrates the level of realism and prototypical accuracy that can be achieved within the limits of a pre-1971 Set 9 with the addition of some extra nuts and bolts and (optionally) two Hub Discs.


12 pages including text, VirtualMec diagrams and parts list.


Ref:  MP257    Price:  6.90


ModelPlan 256


Michael Adler's


South African Railways

4-8-2 Class 15F Locomotive


This very large and detailed model of the most powerful locomotive ever used in Africa, and still in use today, features  a prototypically-accurate chassis and has complete and correctly-functioning Walschaerts valve gear and suspension.


It offers the choice of construction from Meccano parts alone or, for the ultimate in realism, in combination with 3D printed wheels, available to order or as .stl files. 


Requires 6 or 12 volt motor and easily-obtainable railway-model track.


Full text, parts list and over 40 photographs. 


Set of 2 booklets, total 40 Pages.


Ref:  MP256     Price:  12.90


The Meccano Super Models


Spinebar Bound Volume



From 1928 to 1936 model plans were published in leaflet form by Meccano Ltd. as "The Meccano Super Models".  Many became timeless icons, like Leaflet No. 4, the Giant Blocksetting Crane, the Meccano boy's ultimate modelling aspiration.


There were ultimately 37 of these leaflets, and several underwent subsequent improvement and reissue to bring the final total to 45, all of which are reproduced in their entirety in this single, bound volume.


Ref:  TMS    258 Pages   Price:  19.95   Also Available on CD


The Meccanoman's Newsmag


Latest Issues


Supplied free to its members by the North Midlands Meccano Guild, the largest of the UK Meccano clubs,  the latest issues of The Meccanoman's Newsmag are now available to non-members.


The Newsmag (AKA 'NMMG Newsletter', 'NMMG Newsmag', 'The Meccanoman's Newsmag' and 'The Meccano Newsmag'), one of the best-known of the internationally-read Meccano journals, has been in continuous publication since 1977, and is a great resource and archive of Meccano-related material and of the Meccano hobby itself.


In Newsmag No. 149 (March 2021, 40 pages A4, in colour):

Getting to Know yor Chairman's Meccano Journey (Richard Payn), Helter Skelter (Rob Miller), Gottwald AK 680 continued (John Hornsby), An Interesting Locomotive by Meccano-Hornby (Stuart Day), Chairman Geoff (Pat Briggs, Jim Gamble, Roger Burton & Rob and Wendy Miller), USS Cincinatti (Tony Homden), Kettengrad (Tony Homden), Meccano as Therapy - but for Whom? (Graham Milward), Thank You Michael Fish, (Matt McCallum), Building "The Molel" from Thunderbirds (Philip Webb) Peter Hartmann, Golden Spanner Laureate (Ken Ratcliffe), Clubscene - Diary Dates, Obituary - Peter Gurd (Jim Gamble), Obituary - Hellmuth Kohler (Ron Mitchell), Models Built During Lockdown (Russ Car, Richard Barker, Stefan Tokarski).

Ref: MN149    Price: 7.00 (postage extra; budget UK rate available).


Also available:


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 123-148


Ref: MN123, NM124, NM125, MN126, MN127, MN128, MN129  Price: 5.50 each

Ref: MN130, MN131, MN132, MN133, MN134  Price: 6.50 each

Ref: MN135, MN136, MN137, MN138, MN139, MN140, MN141, MN142, MN143, MN144, MN145, MN146, MN147, MN148 Price: 7.00   


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 1-100 (CD)



WLMS Newsletter 116


The West London Society, one of the UK's premier Meccano clubs, has a world-wide membership, and publishes a regular Newsletter/magazine that is available to members and non-members alike, and makes a great introduction to the Meccano hobby and taster for anyone who has ever thought of joining it.  


Members receive the magazine free.

Articles of Meccano and general engineering interest in the latest issue include:


●  250 Ton Dock Gate-lifting Floating Crane (Peter Goddard)

●  Bio-mechanical Structure and Function of the Human Hand (Michael  Adler)

●  Train Braking Systems (Matt Goodman)


24 pages; illustrated in colour throughout.  Ref:  WLMS116  Price:  3.50


For full list of back numbers of the Newsletter produced between 2006 and 2020 see: West London Meccano Society Newsletters


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