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ModelPlan 243


Alex Barker's


Skimmer Scoop


  A Set 10 Model 


A revised version of Model 8.5 from the 1956-1961 Set 8 instruction booklets, enhanced for construction with the parts contained in a Set 10, with the luffing of the jib and the sliding mechanism for the digger bucket now motorised, powered by two PDU motors, and incorporating many other improvements to the model's appearance and realism.


With and colour and black and white photographs.


Ref:   MP243   20 Pages    Price8.60


ModelPlan 242


Alex Barker's


Converted Coach Mobile Home



A finely-detailed model an early-1950's "Observation Coach" converted into a luxurious mobile home.


The chassis has a 3-speed and reverse gearbox, clutch, differential, working steering, clutch and brake pedals, leaf-spring suspension and a rear engine compartment with working pulleys and fan, all driven by a PDU motor.


The interior is packed with interesting details including skylights, hinged and sliding doors, seats, a folding table, fully-fitted kitchenette, shower and lavatory, cupboards and  stairs to the bedroom in the upper floor.  It even has a TV, taps, sink waste, cooker knobs and burners, bedside light and toilet roll holder.


The plan, in two volumes, includes text and over 60 photographs.


Ref:   MP242   52 Pages (total)   Price:  13.90


ModelPlan 241


Claudio Rabbi's


Double Flyboats


  A Set 10 Model 


A development on Liverpool Super Model No. 33a, a large, classic exhibition model, adapted for building within the constraints of a Set 10.


Powered by a PDU motor, improvements include the concealment of the motor and intermittent drive mechanism inside the plinth.


12 pages with text, colour photographs and parts list, plus separately-stapled Super Model Leaflet No. 33.


Ref:  MP241    Price:  8.60


ModelPlan 240


Tony James'


Scissor Lift Access Platform


  A Set 10 Model 


Powered by a Meccano "Cube" motor, with steering, forward and reverse movement, and platform raise and lower functions controlled from the rear end.


To help the lifting action, the cord from the ram is routed to pull the front leg rearwards.


16 pages including text and colour photographs, plus a separately-stapled, 8-page booklet of diagrams with parts list.


Ref:  MP240    Price9.60


ModelPlan 239


Geoff Wright's

New Routemaster or

"Boris's Bus"


◊  A Set 9 Model  ◊


ModelPlan by Michael J. Walker


With (unusually) a current prototype as its subject, this model is considered to be the best and most life-like Set 9 model ever.


Named after the Mayor of London who commissioned a new Routemaster which combined the popular open, hop-on hop-off rear platform and stairs of a traditional double-decker bus with the cab, front and side doors and front stairs of a modern bus, with stylish diagonal windows at the back and side, an upstairs front corner branch deflector and distinctive front styling.


The model has working steering and suspension, and unlike set bus models has filled-in lower and upper decks with handrails, seat backs and stairs, and a complete driver's cab, seat and binnacle.


With text and 13 pages of colour photographs. 


Ref:   MP239    20 Pages   Price:  8.60


The Meccanoman's Newsmag


Latest Issues


Supplied free to its members by the North Midlands Meccano Guild, the largest of the UK Meccano clubs,  the latest issues of The Meccanoman's Newsmag are now available to non-members.


The Newsmag (AKA 'NMMG Newsletter', 'NMMG Newsmag', 'The Meccanoman's Newsmag' and 'The Meccano Newsmag'), one of the best-known of the internationally-read Meccano journals, has been in continuous publication since 1977, and is a great resource and archive of Meccano-related material and of the Meccano hobby itself.


In Newsmag No. 141 (July 2018, 40 pages A4, in colour):


Building the 1920's Steam Lorry & Trailer (Rob Mitchell), The Box (Bill Charleston), Developments in Crane Design (John Hornsby), Modern technology (Jim Gamble), Notes & Quotes, Inclusive Meccano (Pat Briggs), Clock Escapement Hints & Tips (Mike Edkins), SkegEx, So you want to build a Meccanograph? - Part 2 (Jonathan Shapero), Diary Dates, Clubscene Oxton May 2018 (Meeting, Auction Report & Model report).


Ref: MN141    Price: 7.00 (postage extra; budget UK rate available).


Also available:


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 123-140


Ref: MN123, NM124, NM125, MN126, MN127, MN128, MN129  Price: 5.50 each

Ref: MN130, MN131, MN132, MN133, MN134  Price: 6.50 each

Ref: MN135, MN136, MN137, MN138, MN139, MN140 Price: 7.00   


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 1-100 (CD)



West London Meccano Society Newsletters


Back Numbers of the Newsletter of this premier UK Meccano society produced between 2006 and 2017 by editors Chris Bourne and Bob Palmer, containing a unique mixture of ephemera, archive-quality material and humour.


Full List


1954 No.10 Set Leaflet No. 8 (Original)



Unused, mint original examples of this now rare-as-hens-teeth leaflet.


Ref: 10/8    Price: 2.40


10 Set Leaflets Nos 21-30 (complete set; all unused originals)


Ref: 10/21-30    Price: 9.50


All leaflets available individually; see Set Manuals for complete list.