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ModelPlan 235


Mike Edkins'


Long Case Clock


  A Set 9 Model 


Inspired by Geoff Wright's Grandfather Clock, through ingenuity this accurate and reliable clock is built using only the gears, sprocket wheels and other parts contained in a Set No. 9 plus a few extra nuts, bolts and washers.  A 10lb weight powers the clock, giving a running time between windings of thirty hours.


For stability, the clock requires a wooden base, or Meccano one of the builder's own design.


32 pages including text, colour photographs and parts list, plus a separately-stapled, 12-page booklet of diagrams.


Ref:  MP235    Price:  £14.90


The South African Meccano Model Series

Model 6


Bill Steele's


Adams Radial Locomotive


Illustrated and described by Anthony Els


The LSWR 0415 class locomotives were built between 1882 and 1885, designed by William Adams for London suburban service.


Seventy one of the 4-4-2T configuration were built. The class remained in service until 1962 (80 years).


The "radial" part of the name comes from a rear sliding truck design, allowing the axle to move along an arc of a circle, typically about the centre of the chassis. This allowed better negotiation of curves (not reproduced in this model).


Model powered by M0 motor with 19:1 gearbox mount.  


12 pages including text, all-colour isomec diagrams and parts list.


Ref:  SAMS6    Price:  £5.95


ModelPlan 234


Tony James'


Three-way Tipping Lorry


  A Set 10 Model 


Powered by a Meccano Powerdrive motor, with an adjustable pedal-operated friction clutch and a 2-speed and reverse gearbox driving the rear axle via a differential, plus working steering and leaf spring suspension on both axles. 


The tipping winch for the cord-operated ram has an automatic brake and is powered both up and down.  Rear, left or right-side tipping is selected by means of a single lever.


24 pages including text and colour photographs, plus a separately-stapled, 12-page booklet of diagrams with parts list.


Ref:  MP234    Price:  £12.90


ModelPlan 233


Michael Whiting's


Red Dwarf Orrery


◊  A Set 10+ Model  ◊


Shows the Red Dwarf star Trappist-1 and its newly-discovered 7 planets.


Finding life beyond our Solar System is perhaps the Holy Grail of modern astronomers.  The natural starting point has been identifying stars not unlike our Sun which might have planets within their ‘Goldilocks Zones’ – regions neither too hot nor too cold to support life.


A new approach is to study Red Dwarf Stars - much smaller and cooler than our Sun, where the Goldilocks Zone will be much closer to the parent star, and orbital periods shorter, resulting in an Orrery much ‘busier’ than most.


Ref:  MP233  16 Pages  Price:  £7.60


ModelPlan 232


Alex Barker's


Trucks with Prefabricated Cabs


Twelve small but very detailed truck models using the Meccano pre-fabricated cab from the 1970s UK Highway and Army Multikits:

◊ Delivery Van

◊ Oil Tanker
◊ Passenger Boarding Stairs Truck
◊ Tipper (or Dumper) Truck
◊ Refuse “Bin” Truck
◊ Advertising Truck
◊ Car Transporter Truck
◊ Ambulance

◊ Crane Truck   ◊ Livestock Truck  ◊ Breakdown Recovery Truck

◊ Articulated Truck (with 3 trailers)  

Set of 3 booklets, 104 pages total, with text and  photographs. 


Ref:  MP232      Price:  £17.60


ModelPlan 231


Geoff Wright's

Interstation C Bus


◊  A Set 9 Model  ◊


ModelPlan by Michael J. Walker


The Interstation C Bus was so-named because it was used for transferring passengers between London railway stations in the years following its introduction in 1936.


This model far exceeds the challenge of a ‘typical’ Set 9 manual construction, and like Geoff Wright's other Set 9 models, demonstrates the set’s true potential, proving that it is not necessary to employ large quantities of Meccano in order to build realistic and well-featured models.


Built and described as separate subconstructions which are brought together in the final assembly.


With text and 14 pages of colour photographs. 


Ref:   MP231    24 Pages   Price:  £9.40


ModelPlan 230


Geoff Wright's

U.C.C. "Feltham" Class Tramcar


◊  A Set 9 Model  ◊


ModelPlan by Michael J. Walker


In service between 1931 and 1959, the huge, 40' long prototype had an unusual raised cab, two pickup arms, a multiplicity of windows and other interesting features, and lends itself perfectly to building at 1:16 scale, and (just, including a length of track) within the limits of  a 1950's No. 9 Set.


The model includes front and rear 2-leaf doors and the interior has complete upper and lower floors with dual stairwells.


Built and described as separate subconstructions which are brought together in the final assembly.


With text and 7 pages of colour photographs. 


Ref:   MP230    12 Pages   Price:  £6.40


ModelPlan 229


Geoff Wright's

Leyland TD1 Bus


◊  A Set 9 Model  ◊


ModelPlan by Michael J. Walker


A bus of innovative design in the 1920's, with a low overall height allowing it to pass under low bridges, and  low loading height which allowed for easier boarding and alighting.

An offset top-deck gangway with four-seat benches gave the upper saloon a distinctive layout, and other features included pneumatic (in place of solid rubber) tyres and a four-speed sliding-mesh gearbox which transferred power from a 6.8 litre OHC petrol engine to an offset differential on the rear axle.

The model has many very realistic details yet can be built with the contents of a 1950's Set No. 9.

Built and described as separate subconstructions which are brought together in the final assembly.

Ref:   MP229    20 Pages   Price£8.60


The Meccanoman's Newsmag


Latest Issues


Supplied free to its members by the North Midlands Meccano Guild, the largest of the UK Meccano clubs,  the latest issues of The Meccanoman's Newsmag are now available to non-members.


The Newsmag (AKA 'NMMG Newsletter', 'NMMG Newsmag', 'The Meccanoman's Newsmag' and 'The Meccano Newsmag'), one of the best-known of the internationally-read Meccano journals, has been in continuous publication since 1977, and is a great resource and archive of Meccano-related material and of the Meccano hobby itself.


In Newsmag No. 138 (July 2017, 40 pages A4, in colour):


Buildinf SML20 (Rob Mitchell), A Kapitza Pendulum in Meccano (Tim Martin), The "Early Learning" progress of a Meccano Boy (Geoff Brown), General Notes on the Meccano G.R.B. (Jim Gamble), Diary Dates, SkegEx, Notes and Quotes, Clubscene Oxton May 2017 - Model Report and Auction Report, Obituary - Reg Hall, Modern Technology and Meccano (Adrian Browne), Down Memory Lane.


Ref: MN138    Price: £7.00 (postage extra; budget UK rate available).


Also available:


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 123-137


Ref: MN123, NM124, NM125, MN126, MN127, MN128, MN129  Price: £5.50 each

Ref: MN130, MN131, MN132, MN133, MN134  Price: £6.50 each

Ref: MN135, MN136, MN137 Price: £7.00   



West London Meccano Society Newsletters


Back Numbers of the Newsletter of this premier UK Meccano society produced between 2006 and 2016 by editors Chris Bourne and Bob Palmer, containing a unique mixture of ephemera, archive-quality material and humour.


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