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ModelPlan 238


Midlands Meccano Guild Model Series MMGMS3




  A Set 10+ Model 


This, the third in a new model series by the Midlands Meccano Guild produced by Roger Marriott, is of a rare, late 1960's dealer's display model, revised to be buildable with a Set 10 plus a few extra parts.


The Magician, with his moving head, mouth, ears and arms performs his trick of making his two nephews on the table in front of him magically disappear and then reappear, "Just like that!"


Requires a Decaperm, Crouzet or similar motor.


16 pages including text, IsoMec drawings, colour photographs and parts list.


Ref:  MP238    Price:  £6.90


ModelPlan 237


Midlands Meccano Guild Model Series MMGMS2




  A Set 10 Model 


This, the second in a new model series by the Midlands Meccano Guild produced by Roger Marriott, is of Tom McCallum's display model commissioned by Atlascraft and used in their 1990 Meccano brochure, redesigned to be buildable within the contents a Set 10 plus a Meccano E15R, E20R or similar motor.


Slewing and the action of the bucket arm are motorised and controlled independently by levers in the cab, and the model can be adapted to run continuously, like the original display model, slewing while the bucket arm moves realistically.


12 pages including text, colour photographs and parts list.


Ref:  MP237    Price:  £6.40


ModelPlan 236


Rob Mitchell's


Easy-to-Build Big Wheel


A large exhibition model of a fairground Big Wheel which doesn’t take long to build and is constructed mainly from common parts.


With a ‘drop in’ main bearing, it's easy to assemble on site without tools,  and runs reliably without attention.  It's also safe; a friction drive slips if necessary. 


Requires a small DC motor.



12 pages including text, colour photographs and parts list.


Ref:  MP236    Price:  £6.40


The South African Meccano Model Series

Model 6


Bill Steele's


Adams Radial Locomotive


Illustrated and described by Anthony Els


The LSWR 0415 class locomotives were built between 1882 and 1885, designed by William Adams for London suburban service.


Seventy one of the 4-4-2T configuration were built. The class remained in service until 1962 (80 years).


The "radial" part of the name comes from a rear sliding truck design, allowing the axle to move along an arc of a circle, typically about the centre of the chassis. This allowed better negotiation of curves (not reproduced in this model).


Model powered by M0 motor with 19:1 gearbox mount.  


12 pages including text, all-colour isomec diagrams and parts list.


Ref:  SAMS6    Price:  £5.95


The Meccanoman's Newsmag


Latest Issues


Supplied free to its members by the North Midlands Meccano Guild, the largest of the UK Meccano clubs,  the latest issues of The Meccanoman's Newsmag are now available to non-members.


The Newsmag (AKA 'NMMG Newsletter', 'NMMG Newsmag', 'The Meccanoman's Newsmag' and 'The Meccano Newsmag'), one of the best-known of the internationally-read Meccano journals, has been in continuous publication since 1977, and is a great resource and archive of Meccano-related material and of the Meccano hobby itself.


In Newsmag No. 140 (March 2018, 40 pages A4, in colour):


Time for Verticlock (Tim Martin), Freelance Bulldozer (Adrian Browne), John Nuttall's Eclipse Year (Pat Briggs), Visiting the Meccano Factory (Jim Gamble), Diary Dates, SkegEx (Geoff Brown), So you want to build a Meccanograph (Jonathan Shapero), Clubscene Oxton January 2018 (Meeting and Auction Report), Meccano Jumpers (Wendy Miller), Exhibition Scene - Melton Air Show and Hands over the Water.


Ref: MN140    Price: £7.00 (postage extra; budget UK rate available).


Also available:


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 123-139


Ref: MN123, NM124, NM125, MN126, MN127, MN128, MN129  Price: £5.50 each

Ref: MN130, MN131, MN132, MN133, MN134  Price: £6.50 each

Ref: MN135, MN136, MN137, MN138, MN139 Price: £7.00   


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 1-100 (CD)



West London Meccano Society Newsletters


Back Numbers of the Newsletter of this premier UK Meccano society produced between 2006 and 2017 by editors Chris Bourne and Bob Palmer, containing a unique mixture of ephemera, archive-quality material and humour.


Full List


1954 No.10 Set Leaflet No. 8 (Original)



Unused, mint original examples of this now rare-as-hens-teeth leaflet.


Ref: 10/8    Price: £2.40


10 Set Leaflets Nos 21-30 (complete set; all unused originals)


Ref: 10/21-30    Price: £9.50


All leaflets available individually; see Set Manuals for complete list.