Everything Automotive


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The Everything Automotive series of publications overview the theory and practice of automotive mechanics - manual and automatic gearboxes, transmissions, clutches, axles, differentials and steering, and their realisation in Meccano, with explanations of many practical examples which can be built from the drawings.



    Part 1:  Differentials and Rear Axles

  • Differential theory

  • Crown wheels

  • Traditional pattern differential

  • Heavy-duty unit

  • Casings

  • Heavy vehicle mechanisms

  • Hub reduction

  • A double-reduction unit

  • Twin axles

  • "Third differentials"

  • A ball-bearing axle

  • The Kirkstall double-reduction axle

  • Two-speed axles

  • A differential lock

  • Limited-slip differentials

  • Front-wheel and four-wheel drive

   Ref:   EA1   Everything Automotive Part 1   36 pages  Price 7.20



     Part 2:  Front Axles and Steering

  • History of the steerable axle

  • Beam axles

  • Development of steerable stub axles

  • Development of Ackerman steering

  • Steering of twin front axles

  • Three-wheelers and steering

  • Four-wheel steering in a modern saloon car

  • Camber angle and toe-in

  • Spindle trail and castor angle

  • King-pin inclination

  • Steering box design

  • Remote control and power-assisted steering

  • Commercial vehicle designs

  • Sports car designs

  • Heavy vehicle modelling



    Ref:   EA2   Everything Automotive Part 2   40 pages   Price 8.00



     Part 3:  Gearboxes

  • Two-speed and reverse gearbox

  • "An Epicyclic Gearbox for Poor Mortals"

  • An experimental epicyclic automatic transmission

  • Three-speed automatic transmission

  • Three-speed gate-change gearboxes

  • DNLR automatic transmission

  • Constant-mesh gearbox

  • Bugatti 'Type 53' 3-speed gearbox

  • Three-speed automatic transmission for Daimler Fleetline bus

  • Four-speed and rev. gearbox (Type 1)

  • Gear selection

  • An alternative approach to ratios

  • Two six-speed Scammell-type gearboxes

  • A mathematical approach to ratios

  • More on gear changing and de-clutching

  • Four-speed and rev. gearbox (Type 2)

  • Four-speed and rev. gearbox (Type 3)

  • Mini-4 + reverse geometric-ration gearbox

  • Arithmetic gearbox with 6 speeds & reverse

  • Six-speed and reverse gearbox (% increase ratios)

  • Eight-speed and reverse gearbox (% increase ratios)

  • Six ratio traditional gearbox

    Ref:   EA3   Everything Automotive Part 3   40 pages    Price 12.00



    Ref:   EAS   Everything Automotive Parts 1, 2 and 3   (Complete set)    Price 22.50




  Everything Epicyclic

Epicyclic gearing has legion applications in real-world mechanical engineering and in Meccano, being the basis of automatic automotive transmissions and with countless other applications beyond the possibilities of simple direct and spur gearing.


The publication gives a thorough overview and explanation of the theory and practice of epicyclic gearing with many examples of its realisation and application in Meccano, mechanisms and complete models which can be built from the photographs and drawings.






Ref:   EE   Everything Epicyclic   36 pages    Price 7.20





  Everything Roller Bearings

An indispensable guide for the Meccano crane builder with an overview of the many types of roller bearings possible in Meccano, suitable for models large and small of different prototypes, and solutions to the technical requirement and challenges provided by each, using standard Meccano parts and, where necessary, user-curved perforated strips.


Roller bearings for excavators and other rotating superstructures are also covered.






Ref:   ERB   Everything Roller Bearings   24 pages    Price 7.20





         Everything About Peter Goddard's

                        Blocksetting Cranes


An account of the scale Meccano models by Peter Goddard, inspired by the research

work of Julian Head, this work includes a vast amount of information on the prototype cranes.


   EA4/1     Part One "Source Book"                  Price:  17.40

  EA4         Parts One & Two (2 volumes)    Price:  29.95

  EA4/   CD Version (complete)                   Price:  19.95






        Everything WLMS


  • Harley-Davidson Electraglide - Philip Webb

  • Secret Life of our Founder - Adrian Williams

  • 8-Speed Jubilee Gearbox - Michael Knowles

  • "Meccano Boy Becomes the Man" - Bert Love

  • Novel Auto-transmissions - Nick Rudoe

  • Blocksetters - Peter Goddard

  • Sundial Basics - Noel Ta'Bois

   and more.....


EWLMS  Everything WLMS            Price:  12.80