Meccano Super Models on CD



From 1928 to 1936 model plans were published in leaflet form by Meccano Ltd. as "The Meccano Supermodels".


Many became timeless icons, like Leaflet No. 4, the Giant Blocksetting Crane, the Meccano boy's ultimate modelling aspiration. There were ultimately 37 of these leaflets, and several underwent subsequent improvement and reissue to bring the final total to 45.


Between 1923 and 1935 The Meccano Magazine featured eight Super Model plans, for No. 7 Set and larger models, over one or more issues.  These are included on the CD.


All are scanned from original leaflets at 300 dpi in .PDF format, suitable for on-screen viewing or printing.  Cover picture index for easy overview and selection. 

For PC or Macintosh.  Ref: MSM   Price 19.95    (Also available as printed, individual leaflets: ModelPlans, and as a bound volume: The Meccano Super Models.