Johnny's Meccano Magazine


Produced in Australia to a professional standard and available free online, this bi-monthly magazine is the liveliest and most up-to-date Meccano journal produced today and is now available in printed form, both as individual issues and 6-volume full-year collections.


In Issue 19 (December 2021):


◊ Learn how to paint with an air brush 

◊ Small ferris wheel (full model plan) 

◊ Bye, bye Babbage 

◊ Learn somthing new about Trunnions 

◊ Tipper truck (full model plan) 

◊ SELMC Meccano show 

◊ Show us your Meccano room 

◊ Good ideas 

This month's Meccano Boy - Dr Paul Dale 

◊ Fireside Fun


December 2021 Issue (16 pages, all colour)  Ref: JMM2112  Price 2.95


Johnny's Meccano Magazine (February 2019 - October 2021)

Individual issues; 16 pages, all colour.


Ref: JMM1902, JMM1904, JMM1906, JMM1908, JMM1910, JMM1912, JMM2002, JMM2004, JMM2006, JMM2008, JMM2010, JMM2012  Price: 2.95 each.


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Full year collections (2019, 2020 and 2021, 6 issues in each)


Ref: JMMS2019, JMMS2021, JMMS2021  Price: 15.95 each.


The Meccanoman's Newsmag


Latest Issues


Supplied free to its members by the North Midlands Meccano Guild, the largest of the UK Meccano clubs,  the latest issues of The Meccanoman's Newsmag are now available to non-members.


The Newsmag (AKA 'NMMG Newsletter', 'NMMG Newsmag', 'The Meccanoman's Newsmag' and 'The Meccano Newsmag'), one of the best-known of the internationally-read Meccano journals, has been in continuous publication since 1977, and is a great resource and archive of Meccano-related material and of the Meccano hobby itself.


In Newsmag No. 151 (November 2021, 40 pages A4, in colour):

Chairman's Corner (Richard Payn), Covid Musings Episode 2 (Jonathan Shapero), So you want to Build a Meccanograph Part 10 (Jonathan Shapero), Fireside Fun (Pat Briggs), A Meccanoman's Lament (Pat Briggs), Water, Water Everywhere (Matthew McCallum), The Time of Our Lives - Book Review (Jim Gamble), Diary Dates, Clubscene: Oxton Auction Report (Jim Gamble); What Shall I Be? (Jim Gamble), Oxton Model Report (Richard Payn), The Henley Gathering (Richard Payn), Stefan Tokarski's Models.

Ref: MN151    Price: 7.00 (postage extra; budget UK rate available).


Also available:


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 123-150


Ref: MN123, NM124, NM125, MN126, MN127, MN128, MN129  Price: 5.50 each

Ref: MN130, MN131, MN132, MN133, MN134  Price: 6.50 each

Ref: MN135, MN136, MN137, MN138, MN139, MN140, MN141, MN142, MN143, MN144, MN145, MN146, MN147, MN148 , MN149, MN150  Price: 7.00   


The Meccanoman's Newsmag Nos. 1-100 (CD)




The International Meccanoman on CD



Issues 1 to 49 complete


Electronically indexed by Cover picture, Month, Date, Issue Number and Title with  combined indexes on Subject, Keyword and Author.   For PC or Macintosh.


 Exclusive to ISM Members.  Please quote ISM membership number when ordering.



Ref:  IMCD1    Price:  12.00


(Price includes shipping worldwide)


The Meccanoman's Journal


The Meccanoman's Journal, edited by G. Maurice Morris and published by The Meccanoman's Club from 1965-75, was the first "adult" Meccano serial publication covering a wealth of material, nearly all being directly Meccano related - the usage of individual Meccano parts, model illustrations and descriptions, innovative suggestions for model builders, historic articles and more.  Pages per issue varies from 28 to 43. The early numbers included a "Model of the Moment" series where moderately complex models were described. 
Ref: MJ1 - MJ41    Price: 2.00 each.


Index to The Meccanoman's Journal


Ref: IMJ  Price: 2.99


 The Meccanoman's Journal is also available on CD.  See The Meccanoman's Club on CD.


The Meccano Engineer on CD


All 12 issues of the (Junior) Meccano Engineer are now available on CD, with printable quality scanned images of every page, with electronic Author, Chronological, Subject, Keyword, Monthly Table and Cover picture indexes to articles and complete issues. 

The CD also includes the SJME publications "Meccano Parts Handbook" and "Meccano Parts Checklist" in their entirety.


For PC or Macintosh.   Ref: TME    Price: 14.95


For more details see: The Meccano Engineer



Index to the Meccanoman's Newsmag


Issues 1 to 100


Indexed by Article Title and Author, and by Subject Classification.


Includes NMMG Newsletter (Issues 1 to 5), NMMG Newsmag (Issues 6 to 24), The Meccanoman's Newsmag (Issues 25 to 68) and The Meccano Newsmag (Issues 69 to 100).


Compiled by Bruce Neilson and Roger Thorpe.


Ref:  MNInd1  72 pages   Price:  6.95



Midlands Meccano Guild Gazette


Issues No. 13 - 20

(September 1988 - April 1999)


The issues published in this period are still considered to be the finest and most professional Meccano club magazines ever, each containing several archive-quality articles and at least one full model plan.


Issues 1-18 and 20 Originals, Issue 19 reprinted - Colour

(MMGG13  A5, MMGG14-MMGG20  A4)


- see also List (Classified).


Issue Building Instructions Included Price
MMGG13 Fairground Carousel (Keith Cameron) 2.95
MMGG14 Crawler Mounted Crane 2.85
Simple to build versatile Meccanograph
MMGG15 L.M.S. Beyer Garratt Locomotive 2.95
MMGG16 Lombard Log Hauler 3.20
Ten Pin Bowling Game
Mini Differential Analyser
MMGG17 Freelance 0-6-0 Narrow Gauge Locomotive 3.20
MMGG18 Fell 2-D-2 Diesel Mechanical Locomotive 3.95
MMGG19 2 or 3 Pen Meccanograph 3.95
MMGG20 One Armed Bandit 3.95
MMGG13-20 MMGG13 - MMGG20 (Complete set) 19.95
MMGG21 Four Wheel Tramcar Truck  


Early Midlands Meccano Guild Gazette

(A5 Originals, black & white)


MMGG1 January 1978 2.20
MMGG2 September 1978 2.20
MMGG3 April 1979 2.20
MMGG4 September 1979 2.20
MMGG5 April 1980 2.20
MMGG6 December 1980 2.20
MMGG7 September 1982 2.20
MMGG8 March 1983 2.20
MMGG9 March 1984 2.20
MMGG10 March 1986 2.20
MMGG11 March 1987 2.20
MMGG12 September 1987 2.20
MMGG/Index Index to MMGG Issues 1-11 1.95
MMGG1-12 MMGG1 - MMGG12 (Complete set including index to Issues 1-11) 19.95



West London Meccano Society Newsletter


Issues No.  82 - 116

(November 2006 - March 2021)


Back Numbers of the Newsletter of this premier UK Meccano society produced by editors Chris Bourne and Bob Palmer, containing a unique mixture of ephemera, archive-quality material and humour.

WLMS Newsletter


- See also List (Classified)


WLMS82 November 2006 2.60
WLMS83 June 2007 2.60
WLMS84 September 2007 2.30
WLMS85 March 2008 2.30
WLMS86 June 2008 2.40
WLMS87 March 2009 3.90
WLMS88 June 2009 3.50
WLMS89 September 2010 3.90
WLMS90 November 2010 3.10
WLMS91 March 2011 3.10
WLMS92 June 2011 3.50
WLMS93 March 2012 4.70
WLMS94 November 2012 3.50
WLMS95 March 2013 3.90
WLMS96 March 2014 3.10
WLMS97 June 2014 3.90
WLMS98 November 2014 3.90
WLMS99 March 2015 3.90
WLMS100 June 2015 6.30
WLMS101 November 2015 5.10
WLMS102 March 2016 3.90
WLMS103 June 2016 4.50
WLMS104 November 2016 3.50
WLMS105 March 2017 3.50
WLMS106 June 2017 3.90
WLMS107 November 2017 3.90
WLMS108 March 2018 3.90
WLMS109 July 2018 3.90
WLMS110 November 2018 3.90
WLMS111 March 2019 3.90
WLMS112 July 2019 3.90
WLMS113 November 2019 3.90
WLMS114 March 2020 3.90
WLMS115 November 2020 3.90
WLMS116 March 2021 3.90