Daniel Comes to Play


By Michael Adler


Having had a loving aunt who made a gift of a Meccano set, it turned out to be a lifelong hobby for Michael.   He wanted to impart this love of Meccano to his grandchildren, and when they came to play, Michael focused their attention on it and he longed for the day when he could copy his aunt and give them their own Meccano sets.


Published at regular intervals over 11 years in the International Meccanoman magazine, Michael has collected the articles into a 28- page anthology together with pictures, which brings into sharp focus how he nurtured his grandchildren. 


In the end the computer won the battle for their attention, but not before they had absorbed many lessons about construction, design, physics and management which is bound to stand them in good stead as they mature.


Ref:  DCP   A5 booklet, all colour, 28 Pages.      Price:  4.95