ModelPlan 183


Tony James'


Hindle Smart Electric Articulated Lorry


◊  A Set 10 Model  ◊



Designed in the 1950's for use where Diesel fumes were unacceptable, many of these small vehicles were used by British Railways to deliver goods in narrow city streets.


Built to 1:9 scale, the model features automatic coupling, one-lever uncoupling, prototypical forward and reverse from the motor, and an all-pinion differential.  The piggyback trailer has drop-down sides and removable hinged tailboard.  An extra trailer has a conventional drop-down undercarriage.  Both trailers are fitted with a parking brake.  Uses one Meccano Powerdrive motor.


Includes full parts list and separately-stapled drawing booklet containing plan views and cross sections.


Ref:  MP183    Price:  9.00