ModelPlan 167


Tony James'


Optare Solo Midibus


A Set 10 Model


The Optare Solo is an up-to-date single-deck midibus of unitary construction - no chassis.  The engine is below the rear floor but the main floor is flat and low to allow wheelchairs to be carried.


The model can be made from a 1970's No. 10 set and PDU or Decaperm-sized motor.  With two-speed and reverse gearbox, suspension (front half springs and dummy rear air bags) and steering.  The full interior contains the correct 21+3 tip-up seats and a complete floor.  The flush-fitting twin leaf doors open, close and lock from the driver's position.  Varying the strip and plate colours produces a wide range of liveries.


Includes full parts list and separately-stapled drawing booklet containing plan views and cross sections. 


Ref:  MP167   Price:  11.95