Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts

Don Blakeborough’s Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts - EMP - is the most comprehensive guide to the Meccano system available. 


Volumes 1-3 cover the constructional parts.  For every part, the dates each variant and colour were introduced and withdrawn, the D.M.S. references, dimensions, and quantity in the largest set are included complete with full line drawings.


EMP also covers the full Meccano System chronology, colour schemes, number and letter series, early part numbers and variations with technical data on holes, rods, threads and bosses.


EMP is supplied complete with a full-featured browser, with indexes on part number and description.  EMP can also be accessed via MeccInv Version 4.0 or later, with automatic links to the MeccInv inventory and parts lists, giving instant access to the EMP page and drawing for any part.


Full instructions are included. 


EMP requires Windows 95/98/2000/NT, XP (32-bit versions only) or Windows 7 (32-bit versions only).


Price -  £30.00 + P&P