The Bradley Files is  a collection of models built by one of England's leading modellers over three decades.  They are transcripts of the meticulous notes that Phil made of each of his own models and reproduce his extensive photographs in each case. They do not give full building instructions or parts lists but provide enough information for the experienced builder to create his own model.


Phil Bradley was an engineer by profession, and he took his skills into his hobby.  He was one of the outstanding Meccano modellers of his generation, developing his skills at a time when the adult club scene was almost non-existent.  One of its founder members, he became president of the Holy Trinity Meccano Club, and made it a point of honour to exhibit a new model at each twice yearly meeting.


G Maurice Morris persuaded him to write up some of his early models – they became some of the first in the series of GMM series of modern Supermodels.  Phil was also a valued contributor to a number of the UK Meccano Club newsletters.  Both his models and his photographs had an individual style which made them as instantly recognisable as a signature.


The Bradley Files are edited by Philip Webb and published by the International Society of Meccanomen.


Volume 1 - Railway Vehicles


No. 76:  Manning Wardle “L” Class 0-6-0 Saddle-tank Loco

No. 77:  Standard gauge Railway Wagons



No. 84:  “Hulett” 17 Ton High-speed Ore Unloader

No. 110:  LCC Tramways: Wheel Carrier Car


 No. 112:  London Transport (Metropolitan) Electric loco


No. 120:  Railway Ballast Wagon


No. 127:  Snowdon Mountain Railway Engine NO. 8

No. 142:  “PAR” 0-4-0 S.T. Bagnall Loco (3058/53)


No. 147: Metropolitan Railway Electric Locomotive (1906 Type)


No. 149:  Manning Wardle 0-6-0 S.T. Contractor's Loco “Short” Model


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