Master PlansTM




BAYKO MASTER PLANS are original designs of model buildings for the Bayko architectural construction toy.


Although developed as a toy, Bayko’s mix of ease of construction, flexibility and realism gives it a potential that goes far beyond the standard manual models.  BAYKO MASTER PLANS seek to exploit this potential by offering adult collectors well-crafted designs they can use to explore different building types, architectural styles and all manner of architecture-related issues.


The limited number of parts in standard Bayko sets and almost total disregard for internal planning means very few of the manual models would fulfil their advertised purpose, being either impossibly small or nonsensical in arrangement.  BAYKO MASTER PLANS correct these deficiencies by putting design first – use of a brief ensures the buildings would actually work if constructed full size.


As a result, BAYKO MASTER PLANS are significantly larger than their manual model counterparts.  Most are beyond the scope of the largest sets – but not all.  Models vary in size from small and intriguing to moderate and impressive, but none ranks in the “super­model” category.  BAYKO MASTER PLANS are intended to be within the scope of the average collector – be guided by the number of bases quoted for each model.


BAYKO MASTER PLANS are informative too, providing information on the history of the building type or style, the leading figures involved, and sources of further information.

An impressive pair of semi-detached houses constructed from plan G02


Each plan contains:

·        •  A photograph of the completed model

·        •  A description of the building type and development of   the model

·         •  Detailed plans for constructing the model

·         •  A full list of parts required

·         •  Ideas for modifications you can try


Plans are grouped into three series:


Bronze Series – Using standard Plimpton and Meccano parts, and some long rods and cut floors – for those wishing to get the most out of the basic system.


Silver Series – Using also Bayko 2000 Architectural Additions – for the greater flexibility and realism they provide.


Gold Series – Using also modified and specially-made parts – for the ultimate in realism.


Plans are A4 format with colour front (2 pages) or front and back (4 pages).  They are despatched flat with a card stiffener.


BAYKO MASTER PLANSall the enjoyment of architecture with none of the risk, expense and mess of the real thing.


Bronze Series

Using Plimpton and Meccano parts; some long rods and cut floors


B01 The 7´5 House
(2 bases, 2 pages)



B02 Chauffeur/Gardener’s Lodge
(4 bases, 2 pages)


B03  Building with Bayko
(8 bases, 4 pages) -
Three stages in the construction of a model. 

Intended for exhibitions.


B04 Modelling in Miniature


(9 bases, 4 pages)





B05 Farthing Court

(12 bases, 4 pages)



B06  Bayko in a Nutshell

(16 bases, 6 pages) - Five cottages representing the history of the toy.

Intended for exhibitions.



B07 Two Bungalows



B08 Public Library



B09 Railway Station



Silver Series

Using also Bayko 2000 Architectural Additions


S01 Suntrap View
(8 bases, 4 pages)


S02 Sploshwell Park Lido
In preparation


S03 A Village Hall
8 bases, 4 pages)


Gold Series

Using also modified and home-made parts – details provided


G01 The Park Lodge
(16 bases, 4 pages)



G02 The Suburban Semi
(9 bases, 4 pages)


G03 Lake Wobegon City Hall
In preparation

G04 The American Gas Station
In preparation



G05 Plimpton Garden Suburb
(3 x 4 bases, 8 pages) - A study of the Edwardian garden suburb



G06 Holden Central
(12 bases, 4 pages)



The Bayko name and logo are the Registered Trade Mark and Bayko 2000 Architectural Additions are the Copyright of Transport of Delight.