Combined Index for Meccano Magazine on CD Volumes 1 - 16

This comprehensive index for the Meccano Magazine has been produced by
Timothy Edwards with Stephen Jenkins compiling the advertisers section.

This index provides the following comprehensive indexes:-

1. General - covering all articles in the magazine
2. Meccano - covering all Meccano related articles and models
3. Hornby & Hornby Dublo - Covering all Hornby & Hornby Dublo related articles and models
4. Advertisments - Covering all the main adverts & advertisers


The installation procedure depends on whether you already have the Meccano Magazine compilation
and the original combined index on your PC or whether you are starting installation from scratch.


1. Create the folder "Combined Archive" on the hard drive in suitable location.
2. In the "Combined Archive" folder create a folder "mm" (this allows you to create other folders in
the "Combined Archive" folder for other magazine compilations)
3. Extract the contents of the new index download file 'Combined' into the 'mm' folder
4. After unzipping check that various files have been added to the 'mm' folder
and that the following sub folders have been created
'css', 'html', 'img', 'indadvert', 'indgen', 'indhorn', 'indmec', 'thumb'.
5. Insert the first MM CD/DVD.
6. Open the img folder on the CD/DVD
7. Copy all the year folders to the 'img' folder on the hard disk
8. Go back to the CD/DVD top level and open the 'thumb' folder
9. Copy all the year folders to the 'thumb' folder on the hard disk
10. Eject the first CD/DVD
11. Repeat steps 5 - 10 for each CD/DVD


1. Check the location on the hard disk of the existing MM compilation. For most people this
will be the 'mm' folder located in the 'Combined Archive' folder.
(There will be at least the following folders there - 'html', 'img', 'thumb')
2. Extract the contents of the new index download file 'Combined'
into the main 'mm' folder or other folder if otherwise identified in step 1
3. After unzipping, check that various files have been added to the 'Combined Archive' folder
and that all the following sub folders exist
'css', 'html', 'img', 'indadvert', 'indgen', 'indhorn', 'indmec', 'thumb'.


Open file 'mmindex.htm' in the 'mm' folder to open up the new Combined Meccano Magazine Index.

On a PC a shortcut can be created on the desktop to give easy access to the MM as follows:-

1. Find the 'mmindex.htm' file in the 'mm' folder.
2. Do a right click on 'mmindex.htm' and select 'copy'
3. Go to your desktop and do a right click and select 'paste shortcut'
4. You will now have an icon on the desktop, which when clicked will run the 'mmindex.htm'
file and start up the MM index.
5. Rename the shortcut on the desktop to "Meccano Magazine"
6. I have also provided an special icon for the index. To use this do a right click on
the desktop shortcut and select 'properties'.
7. In the window that opens up select "Change Icon".
8. Browse for the Meccano Magazine icon 'mm2.ico'- it is in the 'mm' folder.
9. Select it, and OK the selection.
10. You will now have Meccano Magazine icon on your desktop.

I have given the option of a number of colour schemes. All but one are based on Meccano
colour schemes over the years. There is also a plain colour scheme (pale yellow/brown).
The default colour scheme is UK blue and yellow. To change it to a different colour
scheme, simply copy the appropriate file from the css folder into the
main 'mm' folder and rename this file to mecmag.css
Note that the original mecmag.css file will need deleting first.

T. Edwards
email -

Comprehensive MM Index Copyright 2008 Timothy Edwards



A. All the html files are now incorporated in the new index compilation,
so that the original combined index does not need to be installed first.

B. The main index file has been renamed to mmindex.htm (was index.htm) in order to eliminate a small
bug which can result in more than one set of header menus to be on the screen at the same time.

C. An Icon is Included for use with a Desktop Shortcut.

D. There are also a number of corrections/additions to the index. Main ones are noted below:-

1. The Advertisers 'Model Boats' index that should be in Advertiser order was actually in date order
2. Photographic Models were omitted from Meccano Models Index
3. Tool Models were omitted from Meccano Models Index
4. In the Advertisers Subject Index, the "Misc - Multiple" index did not open.
5. A number of the Advertiser Subject indexes had a code letter along with the advert size.

E. A Number of Items Were Incorrectly Indexed

1. Bellona Publication Insert (dated Spring 71) - Moved from Feb 1970 to June 1971
2. MAP Publication Insert (dated MID 71) - Moved from Feb 1970 to July 1971
3. MAP Publication Insert (dated WIN 71/72) - Moved from Nov 1970 to Jan 1972
4. Bellona Publication Insert (with dual pricing) - Moved from Sep 1971 to Feb 1971

F. Additional Items Included

1. 1926/09 - Advert insert for the "New Meccano"
2. 1934/04 - Page 336 was originally a duplicate of page 338.
3. 1968/05 - Four page Humbrol advert.
4. 1968/10 - MAP book insert dated AW 68/690
5. 1971/01 - MAP book insert dated WIN 70/71
6. 1971/04 - Countdown magazine insert
7. 1971/11 - Living History magazine insert
8. 1972/08 - Childrens Britannia insert
9. 1972/08 - MAP book insert dated SUM 72



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