The essential PC tool for the Meccano enthusiast.  An illustrated reference to all system parts and ready-to-use inventory, MeccInv makes cataloguing and valuing collections easy!



MeccInv comes complete with updatable UK and French Meccano, Marklin, Stokys and Temsi parts lists, Meccano Magazine lists, Supermodel and outfit contents.  Parts can be located instantly by number, name, category or picture. 


Parts in use, parts wanted, and building lists can compared with the inventory and costed automatically.



Dealer's prices can be downloaded and compared.


Fully-formatted printout.


Charts and graphs show composition and relative sizes of collections.


Compatible with the Inclusive Parts List.


Optional integration with the Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts.


Built-in data backup and restore facilities. 


Comprehensive on-screen Help.

Requires Windows 95 or later.  Where to buy.