Download Inclusive Parts List


The ISM's Inclusive Parts List (IPL) is the universal, combined list of all Meccano, replica and compatible parts, and can be imported into MeccInv inventories. 


MeccInv 8.0 has specially-designed features for searching, indexing and printing the IPL, and provides a picture index and floating footnote display. 


The IPL data can also be downloaded for import into other PC or Mac applications.  See Inclusive Parts List website. 


Downloading to MeccInv


To download the parts list, right-click here: Ipl_n.csv


In MeccInv, Import as a new inventory or as new parts into an existing inventory (see MeccInv Help).


To download the manufacturer and supplier details, right-click here: Sources.txt


Save Sources.txt in the \MeccInv folder.


To download the IPL part illustrations (1.5 MB), right-click here:


Extract files from IPLPics.exe into the \MeccInv folder.


NB The IPL cannot be imported into MeccInv versions earlier than 8.0.