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Mike Rhoades Pricelist


Rhoades' price list is the de-facto guide to retail and trade values of second-hand original Meccano parts, and ideal for valuing MeccInv inventories.


The most recently published list is dated September 2004.


To download the pricelist for import into MeccInv, right-click here: plmr0904.lis.  (See MeccInv 9.0 Help, Import Pricelist(s). NB A realistic Value% factor should be input in Configure to calculate the resale value of a collection.)


The two price columns give the basic cost of parts in very good, LITTLE USED condition.  The first column refers to post-war RED/GREEN parts made at Binns Road, Liverpool up to 1964.  The second column refers to parts produced after 1964, principally BLUE/YELLOW/ZINC PLATED but also including BLACK, SILVER PAINT, ARMY GREEN, WHITE and DARK BLUE/YELLOW.


To download the pricelist as an Excel spreadsheet (with part descriptions and sizes), right-click here: plmr0904.xls.


To download the pricelist for import into other PC or MAC spreadsheet, WP or database applications, right-click here: plmr0904.csv.


To download the original pricelist (2.1 MB; requires Acrobat Reader, available free off the Internet), right-click here: plmr0904.pdf


Rhoades also sells sets, replica cabinets, compatible motors, literature, tools etc. and has special offers.  To download his Specials List No.12 (1.2 MB; requires Acrobat Reader), right-click here: plmr0904s.pdf


Orders can be be placed via Email:


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